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Anzac Framed Tribute With Gallipoli Medal And Rising Sun

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Afghanistan Medals And Photo Limited Edition Framed


Afghanistan Medals And Photo Limited Edition Framed


In November 2001 The Australian Government committed the Australian Defence Force to the war efforts in Afghanistan. Australian training personnel remain in the region today however the last combat troops were withdrawn in December 2013 making the campaign the longest by Australian forces in the history of our nation.
Over 1600 Australian military personnel have been committed to the Afghanistan war since 2001 and as a result of Australian involvement the region has now been handed over to the Afghan Army in the ongoing fight for peace in the region.
The framed medals that are included in this tribute are awarded to those military personnel involved in the Afghanistan campaign and include; The Australian Active Services Medal, The Afghanistan Medal and the NATO Medal.
The replica miniature Medals are combined with a photo from the war torn region and a detailed plaque; this piece is presented with a certificate of authenticity and is strictly limited to 100 pieces
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