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About Us

The base of every successful brand is ongoing customer trust in authenticity, quality, value and service.
All Icons of Sport signed products are either directly sourced from player/team/individual management companies or licenced organisations i.e. A Tag, Price Waterhouse . All signings come with photo proof.

Overseas products are sourced from suppliers using world recognized authenticating processes i.e.Oneline Authentic, Upper Deck, Steiner.

All photos are copyrighted,and are either owned by Icons of Sport or printed under licence.

Licence fees are paid to all governing bodies i.e. NRL,AFL,ACB,ARU,FFA, Men of League

Securing and protecting Your Memorabilia

Securing and protecting Your Memorabilia

Memorabilia items whether of monetary or sentimental value need securing and protective care.

For framed memorabilia to hang on walls:

  • Icons principally use Plexi Glass for less weight and safety, For heavier items, stainless steel wire is used, the wire is attached D rings screwed on the moulding. Lighter items stringing is framing cord.
  • When hanging check the construction of the wall, if masonry drilling and plugs with Philips head screw suffices. For plaster walls finding a stud to drill and plug is sometimes not possible. So for plaster wall special plastic plaster screws, available at hardware outlets, careful to check load bearing weight of the screws.
  • Room areas where extreme changes of temperate occur watch out for moisture condensation build up on the glazing which will migrate in and mould damage. To counter this you may need to wipe any condensation off.  Sometimes moisture migrates through masonry walls, in this case stick 4 small (2-5mm thick) pads carpet/ plastic pads which give a barrier from the back of the frame.
  • Try to avoid areas of excessive UV light when hanging, as this not only fades curtains but also can fade memorabilia items.
  • Certificates should not be kept with the framed item in case of theft. Keep in secured separate area.
  • Anti-Theft precautions of areas , insurances nominated items need to be considered.
  • Frames can be screwed directly into the wall by using brackets.

Non framed items:

  • Best displayed in selected Perspex display units which keep off dust. Again watch for out for moisture condensation. Unframed  photographs jerseys etc signed ( moth proof) and in a cupboard

Storage of Framed items:

  • Need to keep frames in dry areas with air circulation off the ground.
  • Best to keep bubble wrapped and checked regularly.

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