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Georgina Hart Reflections Limited Edition Print Framed


Georgina Hart Reflections Limited Edition Print Framed


Reflections is framed to a gallery standard, signed by artist Georgina Hart with a limited edition.  A stunning print for any home or office.

  • Local Australian artist

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Background on Georgina Hart

I was born and raised in Adelaide and from a very early age I have been drawing and making things. My entire spare time at school was spent in the art room creating. My earliest lesson learnt was to paint and draw what you feel. After I finished school I went on to study Fine and Commercial Art, Nursing and Hospitality.
In 2005 I returned to painting when my children Alex and Jasmine started school. My husband John gave me 5 tubes of paints, a canvas and a few brushes for my birthday and I took my self back to art classes.
In no time at all, I was completely hooked and I began developing my unique whimsical style which quickly became extremely popular and sought after. I secured gallery representation in commercial galleries in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne..
In 2008 I opened my own commercial studio and gallery in Middle Cove, and have been happily painting there ever since. In February 2018 I am relocating the studio to 573 Sydney Road, Seaforth, Sydney. I will continue to run children and adult workshops as I love spending time with others wanting to create and paint for their own fulfillment.

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Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 250 × 30 × 480 mm

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