Mixing Bubbles Up


Mixing Bubbles Up


Framed giclee on semi gloss paper personally signed by Australian artist Tanya Loviz.   Accompanying the artwork is a certificate of authenticity from Icons with an image of the artist signing the piece.


Tanya Loviz,
An Australian Artist based in the majestic World Heritage Blue Mountains, most famous for painting REAL Cheeky girls in UNreal life situations, like in Wine glasses or Beds of Strawberries.
Loviz is the Party Artist, always ready to roll around in paint with a splash of wine, cheese and great music….She is on a mission to bring out yOUR CHEEKy ways through Paint, Words and Kisses. When you hang Loviz Art on your walls it tells the world that you like a fun playful life too and invites people to laugh at life with you…and they do.
Life really was meant to be CHEEKy!
Tanya has taken a different route to the classic Art Gallery scene, she has done it her way. That way being by holding interesting art parties at various venues and truly living the art. She tries to bring her painted world to life whenever she can, look out cause one day you might live it too. “I wish I could walk into all of my paintings and simply live there forever, what a magically colourful world that would be.”
Born in 1970 with a rebelliously adventurous heart, she pursued many odd jobs as she continuously travelled with her art folder under her arms. In 1992 attempted to study art in a formal institution but was too restless and explorative and had to do it “Her Way”, so picked up her Art folder and travelled and painted a little more.
Now, after 20+ years of experience, 30+ solo shows & a staggering collection of over 1300 paintings & poetry to match she is internationally recognised as a truly unique self-taught Australian Artist.
Why do I Paint?
I love it, love it, looooove it, and am totally obsessed by it. Art fills me like nothing else can. My mission if any is to spread cHeeKy love around the world through paint, words & kisses.
I genuinely hope ALL who are kissed by Loviz Art get to taste ALL of life in creatively delicious ways.”

WARNING: This art is highly addictive as she knows how to tickle you deep inside, making it impossible to stop at just one, especially when there are so many rooms in a house. Many people have become collectors over time because it makes them feel really good about life and its odd but funny ways.

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Dimensions 530 × 530 mm

530 x 530


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