The Icons Guarantee – Icons of Sport provides an authentic experience

The Icons of Sport items are 100% authenticity guaranteed.

The base of every successful brand is ongoing customer trust in authenticity, provenance quality, value and service.

All Icons of Sport signed products are either sourced from player/team/individual management companies or licensed organisations .

Most products come with either photo proof or suppliers using world recognised authenticating processes i.e. Online Authentics, Upper Deck, and Steiner. Etc.

 All photos are copyrighted, and are either owned by Icons or printed under licence.


Trusting the brand you buy from

The base of every successful brand is ongoing customer trust in authenticity, quality, value and service.

All Icons of Sport signed products are either directly sourced from player/team/individual management companies or licenced organisations i.e. A Tag, Price Waterhouse . All signings come with photo proof.

Overseas products are sourced from suppliers using world recognised authenticating processes i.e..Oneline Authentics, Upper Deck, Steiner.

All photos are copyrighted and are either owned by Icons of Sport or printed under license.

Buyers beware

Fakers and fraudsters have been around forever. The internet now makes it easier for them to ply their trade, with relative impunity.

Sporting, Movie and Music personalities signed photos and memorabilia are frequently faked. The bigger the name or team the higher the probability of fakes.

If it takes a major memorabilia firm 2 months to do a signing with a premier league player, with a significant cost per signature. How long would it take to get a team signed jersey? Is it going to be constantly available online at a bargain price? Or why are national team signed jerseys still readily available after cup wins years later. Or the how do the mega stars of music do so many signed guitars?

It is estimated that in “certain categories up to 95% of imported items are fakes”.

“Online Authentics is a company set up by Muhammad Ali’s manager in order to combat the excessive amount of fakes sold. It is estimated that 95% of Muhammad Ali autographs are fakes. At all Ali private signings since 2000, Online Authentics attend, witness, photograph and apply eggshell stickers with unique serial numbers. The customer can see the exact signature of their product at the time of signing.

As it is very difficult without expert advice to verify authenticity, potential buyers must look for reassurance in the supplier and their credibility.