Nadia Comaneci signed ‘Firsts’ Framed


Nadia Comaneci signed ‘Firsts’ Framed


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Firsts’, is a groundbreaking new collectable initiative from Legends Genuine Memorabilia. Acclaiming only the most extraordinary of human feats of the past century, &^%&Firsts&^%& celebrates the finest of human endeavor. The accomplishments of this select group meant that not only were they quite literally the first to achieve something, but their achievement also had a significant worldwide impact and changed the way we thought about things… about our limits and about our own mortal capacity. 

From schoolgirl to Super-girl in the space of a perfect ten, she changed what the world believed about human limits.

Human perfection. Commencing on Sunday July 18, 1976 at the Montreal Olympics, and in the highest standard of earthly contests, a tiny gymnast from Onesti, Romania pushed the barriers of competition into a new realm by completing seven routines that a panel of judges decided were flawless… each routine scoring &^%&perfect 10’s’. 

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