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Evel Knievel Signed Replica Cape Framed


Evel Knievel Signed Replica Cape Framed


Personally signed by Evel Knievel

Replica cape to the one he wore

Cape licensed by Evel Knievel Management


Evel Knievel brought the spirit of P. T. Barnum to daredevil motorcycle jumps in the 1970s. His usual approach was to choose an improbably difficult obstacle (such as the fountains at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas in 1968, or a row of 13 double-decker buses at London&^%&s Wembley Stadium in 1975). Then, dressed in his red, white and blue jumpsuit, Knievel would race his motorcycle up a specially-constructed ramp and leap over the obstacle.

Often he crash-landed, thrilling viewers while breaking dozens of bones. In 1974 he arranged his most famous stunt, an attempted jump over Idahos Snake River Canyon in a rocket-powered motorcycle. The attempt failed when the crafts parachute opened prematurely, but Knievel survived. He retired in 1981. Now is your chance to own a piece of American history. He sadly passed away on the 30th of November 2007. This is a satin full size authentic Evel Knievel cape.

You will also receive a registered certificate of authenticity from Icons of Sport with your purchase. Also a photo of him signing the item.

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