Décor Framing of Photos /Prints/ Posters.

You can tell when it is a custom frame?

Style is best achieved with a comprehensive framing brief and a mutually agreed job design.

Custom framing is all about setting the mood for the “Hero Subject Matter”, not necessarily matching with the existing furnishings and colour of the room.

Continuity with existing décor or making a style impact off the wall is best achieved through custom framing.

Items to be framed art/prints/posters are almost infinite in number. Ready made framed prints are available in limited and basic 4 colours and style. All have a similar look!

Colours of frames are changing, for minimalism a “Dark Charcoal is the New Black” a “Cement Grey is almost the New Silver”.  Frames in Milky coloured whites, teak and natural match the new floor colours.

Classic Frames of square mat black, white, subdued silver and teak are ever greens.

Ornate Antique styles can always work however the golds are not so bright and the silvers more pewter.

To choose from over 200 frame styles and profiles needs guidance to achieve the right result.  Especially when mat board colours and size of size is part of the consideration.

Framing and glazing stabilizes and protects, mat board which is acid free limits discolouration and is a spacer between the photo print or object and the glazing.

Perspex is used for safety  as glass shatters and is much heavier.

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